Limited Edition
6 numbered fountain pens

For the 400th anniversary of his death (1616-2016), D-Parmy wants to celebrate one of the greatest playwrights in the history: William Shakespeare.
Shakespeare is considered the most important writer of the English language history. Often esteemed as the most representative poet of the English people,
his 37 theatrical works, 154 sonnets and a multitude of other poems reached us.
He could stand out in both tragedy and comedy and could combine in a superb manner the complex depiction of his characters with a fine poetics and a remarkable philosophical deepness.
Through a complex and perfect manual inlay work, D-Parmy succeeds in valuing the extraordinary elliptical Maple-wooden intarsia in which Shakespeare’s face has been painted by hand.
The 6 one-of-a-kind pieces, made of Walnut hardwood with intarsia made of Ebony and Maple wood, intend to pay homage to the great poet through fine techniques of craftsmanship.
Central intarsia made of Ebony and Maple wood on which Shakespeare’s face has been handpainted.