Limited edition
of 4 numbered fountain pen

By launching the new pen dedicated to the Naïve art, D-PARMY is committed to celebrate a style with no rules and which is characterized by its expressive simplicity.
In the course of time this art takes on new perspectives, un common and attractives ones for those who observe it. The colours are bright, lively, used with simplicity and harmony.
The naivety emphasizes and emanates brightness, hence creating life and movement on the canvas.
With the extraordinary collaboration between D-PARMY and Fausto Bianchini, one of the best-known Italian naïf painters, D-PARMY pays tribute to this as much belve as acknowledbed art.
The decoration, handpainted by Bianchini on each pen, potrays a woman while harvesting corn. She is a feature of Bianchini's Naïve art: with its distinguishing closed eyes and of generous proportions,
the woman instills a sense of self-assurance and quietness and gives the observer interior serenity.
The 4 one-of-a-kind pieces, made of Padauk hardwood, inlaid with Smoketree wood through the fine handcrafted techniques of the D-PARMY tradition, are meant to pay homage to Bianchini and the art he represents.