Artistica D-PARMY

D-Parmy was established in 2012 from the desire to transform a passion for wood and inlay into fine writing instruments. Damiano Parmiggiani, a lover of fountain pens and owner of a historical company located in Novellara, near Reggio Emilia, initiated an ambitious project with a highly skilled inlayer. Together they created the first wooden fountain pen: except for the nib, all the wooden and metallic components are made in-house.

After seven months of technical and stylistic trials, the first collection of ballpoint and fountain pens was released and the Giuseppe Verdi project began to take shape. The centuries-old tradition of inlay in the nearby town of Rolo became part of the D-Parmy philosophy right from the start, appearing in the rings and polka-dots of certain models. Over time, the art of inlay is destined to increasingly imbue the aesthetic of the brand.

The artistic influence of inlayers

Rolo, a small town of the lower Po Valley plain in the province of Reggio Emilia, was already well known in the 18th century for the flourishing development of the art of inlay.
The famous coffee tables known as "rolini" created by the town's extraordinary craftsmen are very refined pieces now present in many museums, courts, and palaces of Europe. The cabinet-making of this zone is recognisable by the technical complexity of the carving, the figurative elegance, and the use of native wood species. The love for wood and its crafting techniques is inherent to the values of the newly established D-Parmy house of pens.